Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I am so excited about this new year. I really don't know why I am so excited, but I am. Maybe it's because there are SO many things that could happen this year. I should be graduating school, we should be buying a house, vacations, just spending time with friends and family. It all excites me.
The one thing I am most excited about is getting closer to God. This past year was definitely a turning point in my life, even 2008. I am becoming more involved in church, and that really excites me. I have wanted to start singing again so bad, and now I am! And our worship leader is just amazing. I am so excited about where the team is going, and where the church is going!
I think the one thing that scares me is the unknown. There are so many changes that have started already, it's crazy! Chad is now unemployed, and I am still unemployed. It will be an interesting first half to this year, but I know it is going to be GREAT! God will provide, and that is what I put my trust in.
This year, is going to be great. I wish that you have a wonderful, prosperous year.

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